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Inspired by Mother's Day!
Mother’s Day provided the impetus for these creative projects:

Mom- A Celebration of Mothers from StoryCorps is a book collection of moving, mother-related stories, culled from intense and intimate conversations between parents and children, siblings and friends. StoryCorps, founded by Dave Isay, supports the sharing of stories and memories through its podcasts, radio broadcasts, and website
The other day we had the pleasure of hearing some of the stories in person. Here are some highlights:

50 years later Diane Gayles still gets teary when she recalls how Melissa Tousley asked her to play in the school yard. It was her first day in a new school, and Diane, the only African- American student in an white suburban school, had been actively ignored by the other children -- until Melissa approached her and asked "Would you like to play with me?" This simple act of friendship had so much impact on Diane that she wanted to name her daughter Melissa.

Hilory Boucher described how she found the biological son she gave up for adoption when she was a 19 year old unmarried college student. Happy in his adopted family, David Mills believed, as a child, that everyone “just ended up going to somebody else’s family” to be raised. Their reunion, 42 years after David’s birth, comes alive in their conversation.

Inspired is an art exhibit at the Culture Center in New York City. Dana DiPrima, who decided to feature some of the artist mothers she knows from her childrens’ school says she was "inspired to organize this exhibition because I am so inspired by the amazing things that women I know do.”

The 4 featured artists, Alexandra Avlonitis, Jodi Bassi Markoff, Mary Reilly and Jan Testori-Markman all have children at the Trevor Day School.

Asked about the relationship
between being moms and artists Alexandra Avolonitis said “My children really benefit from seeing their mother engaged in an artistic pursuit that brings her joy, some frustration, and a lot of satisfaction.”

Enviably, balancing art and motherhood does not seem to pose a problem for any of these mothers. Jan Testori-Markman says “as my kids have gotten older the energy I have for painting has grown.” Mary Reilly, who has a home studio, likes being able to work at night after the kids are asleep. She does admit that being so busy “ the details of life tend to slip through the cracks!” All of the artists seem energized by being mothers, and find that exhibiting their work with other artists from their childrens’ school is a new twist on the parent-school connection.

Tell us your stories -- let us know what you are doing.

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