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The Creative Parents' Credo

1. There are no formulas for parenting. Every child is an individual; every parent is different. Each parent-child combination presents its own strengths and challenges.

2. While there are enormous differences in living conditions and values between families, each child needs to grow up in a home where he or she is valued, respected and understood. Every parent needs to have some knowledge of child development and basic psychology in order to form realistic expectations and be able to support the child's healthy growth.

3. Parenthood is a time for adults to reconnect with their own creativity -- in part because creativity and resourcefulness are necessary to deal with the multitudinous challenges of parenting but also because a child's innate imagination can inspire a parent to get in touch with his or her own inventiveness. When parents are creative they set a wonderful example of life-long exploration for their kids.

4. For many of us some of the greatest pleasures in life come from simple activities such as reading a book, writing a poem, drawing a picture, talking to friends, or solving a practical problem. These accessible and inexpensive pursuits bring enormous internal rewards and provide balance to the world in which possessions and material rewards have become overly prized. We can pass along our appreciation for these life-long pleasures to our children.

5. It will be wonderful if we can help our children develop the insight and skills to solve some of the world's problems. Taking the optimistic view that humankind is moving in a positive direction, our children have the opportunity to continue to make this world a better place.

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