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Check out and go to On Parenting with Dr. Schwager. Istar Schwager is Consulting Editor to this newly launched site which includes articles, polls, activities and much,much more!

Dr. Istar Schwager discussed "The Best Ever Parent" on the Emmy Award winning PBS series Keeping Kids Healthy. The segment addressed how striving for unattainable perfection contributes to parental stress. Keeping Kids Healthy is a terrific series which addresses different health related topics each week. Look for your local listing. Click here for more information

Recent Workshops and Presentations
Dr. Schwager offers a number of workshops for organizations and parent groups. If you're interested, please e-mail us.

"Being a Parent in Today's World" & "There's No Such Thing As a Perfect Parent."- .Learn how to tackle the challenges of raising kids in today's society. (Both workshops have been presented at the 92nd Street Y in New York. )

"Discover Your Parenting Personality." Parents can improve their relationships by understanding underlying differences. Based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). (Presented to members of Parents League of New York) .

The Future of Children's Television Istar Schwager tackled the topic on a panel of TV producers and network execs.

Dr. Istar Schwager

Educational psychologist Istar Schwager, Ph.D., the creator of this site, is a nationally recognized expert in childhood and parenting who advises media organizations, individuals and groups on how to apply positive psychology to realize their goals and achieve their creative potential.

With her expertise in parenting and her philosophy that “parenting” has many facets, she has been a principal consultant to numerous award-winning television, interactive and print projects; has frequently been interviewed on television and radio; has written for national publications; has developed and conducted workshops; and has advised individuals on how to develop and apply their strengths.


  • Columnist and Consulting Editor for
  • Advisor to Sesame Street Magazine, and several TV shows including Noggin's Play With Me Sesame and A Walk in Your Shoes
  • Has appeared on CNN; Lifetime Cable; Learning Channel; FX; WNBC and has been heard on numerous radio broadcasts talking about parenting.
  • Has written articles that appeared in  Working Mother; Parents; Parenting; Good Housekeeping; Games and Principal Magazines. Was a columnist for Sesame Street Parents for 7 years.
  • Consulting clients current and past include: Scholastic, Inc.; Noggin; Nickelodeon; NBA Entertainment; The Discovery Channel; and Children's Television Workshop/Sesame Workshop.
  • On the Film Department Faculty of the School of Visual Arts in NYC teaching screenwriting.
  • On Emmy Awards Blue Ribbon Panel for judging family programming.
  • Taught child development and curriculum classes at Bank Street and Brooklyn Colleges.
  • Was Director of Research for Children's Television Workshop's Magazine Group and Associate Director of Research for Sesame Street.
  • M.S. from Bank Street College and Ph.D. from Graduate Center of the City of New York --specializing in human development and learning. Dissertation focused on uses of humor.
  • Was a preschool teacher for six fun-filled years.
  • Writer and visual artist. Has studied at Art Student's League; Parsons; 92nd Street Y and Writer's Voice in New York. Work has been published, exhibited.
  • Has been married for many years to a super guy and is the mother of a grown son who provided the inspiration to start this site.
    For more details go to Istar Schwager, bio.

Denise Moore, Contributing Editor

Denise lives in San Antonio Texas and is raising her three children with her husband, Craig Manifold. Originally from Farmersville, Illinois, Denise received her BS in Journalism and her MSEd. in Health Education and Educational Psychology from Southern Illinois University.

In Texas, Denise has worked as a child birth educator and before that in health and sexuality education. She has also been involved in children's publishing.

Writes Denise: Since last written, we've added another child (Caleb, who's nearly 4). Hanna is 15 and Della is 11. We have 4.5 horses (well, technically, 2.5 ponies and 2 horses. And, yes, you can have 1/2 a pony when you go into rescuing it with a partner). We've added 3 dogs (one graciously came with our house when we moved). We're still in Texas, in a bigger house with a little land. Various hamsters have come and gone and Rosie, our favorite tarantula, remains, along with a beautiful coral snake and three chickens.

I have been married to Craig Manifold for 18 years. He is an emergency medicine physician with the USAF.

We're embarking on our 5th year of homeschooling as Hanna begins high school, Della begins 6th grade and Caleb flirts with pre-school and unschooling (will mom have enough faith in him to un-chart that course? stay tuned!).

I've been a part of a monthly writing group for a little over a year. I've really been dabbling in the more "creative" side of writing and photography. I'm also involved with a homeschool 4-H group (it's not just for farm kids any more!).

Most recently, I've embarked on an adventure of teaching mom and me swimming classes one day a week at a new swimming school in San Antonio.

My dreams include having more time; some of my more "creative" writing attempts published; a fall trip to NYC; and having all the laundry done at once (okay, so it's not world peace, but a woman is allowed to dream, isn't she?).

As a mother, I am constantly learning from my children .

Bo Weitz
Bo provided the early design for the site.

Arthur Vincie/ArtMar, Inc.
... designed the site. For more information, e-mail ArtMar, Inc. at

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